Customer Reviews

My fiancee and I recently moved in together, and we opted to have Vital Movers move the stuff from our respective 1BRs into a 3rd floor 2BR all on the same Sunday morning. They showed up on time (after calling to give me a heads-up that they were 15 minutes away, which was a nice touch), and were quick, safe, and efficient, just like the last time I used them. I won't hesitate to continue using them and recommending them to my friends and family until they give me a reason to stop.–Mark Fisher

I moved a couple weekends ago from Mississauga to Toronto. I went with this moving company, because my boyfriend recommended them. They were great. Three men arrived at my house on a Saturday morning, at 7:50 am, ready to move my things. They were quick and polite. I had no complaints.–Nate K.

The customer service was very friendly. I supplied my own tape and wrap, the movers did the rest. They were very cautious, careful with handling and fast as hell. The supervisor was also pleasant to work with and directed his guys well. Will definitely use Vital movers again.–Jessi Fog

I've used Vital Movers 4 times now, and this last time was the best of the good. They showed up at 8:20 and had me into my new place by a little after 10 am, so I was under the 2-hour minimum. They are friendly, work FAST, are mindful of and careful with your stuff. The person I call there is Vitaly, he is efficient and friendly also. I cannot recommend them enough.–Max I.