Checklist For Moving Into Condo

Need some help creating a checklist for your big condo move? Then perhaps the comprehensive checklist tips below can help make your trip an easy one.

Moving To Do ListA month before the move you will need to clean out your garage, basement, and closets. You can sell off any leftover items or donate them. You should purchase all the necessary packing supplies such as markers, tissue paper, boxes, bubble wrap, and tape. You can also start packing by putting away items that you won’t be using all month, such as photo albums, seasonal decorations, and certain books.

Moving To Do ListYou can also start a moving expenses log and keep any associated receipts, as some of those articles may be tax deductible if you are relocating for work purposes. Next, find a fully insured, bonded, and licensed mover with great reviews. Better yet, find two such companies and get detailed, written estimates from both to compare and see what they offer. You should obtain pickup and delivery details, in writing, and ask for credible references. In addition, look into the insurance plans that they offer and purchase additional insurance if needed. Also, don’t forget to notify any local gardeners, alarm companies, house cleaners, or other such tradespeople if you will be moving to a condo that is out of their service area. What’s more, don’t forget to contact the schools that your children will be attending as well, a month before you move if you are moving out of the district

Moving To Do ListA week before you move you should hire a cleaning company to clean your home or do it yourself. The refrigerator should be defrosted and cleaned out, and you should return your library books if you’ve borrowed any. You should also take the time to confirm the delivery date, phone number, and delivery address with the professional moving company that you’ve hired. Next, if you happen to be moving to another city, then you should pick up photos, prescriptions, dry cleaning and any other items that you’ve left outside your house or apartment. Gym and/or school lockers should also be cleaned a week before you make the move.

Moving To Do ListMoreover, you should label all of the keys for the new occupants 2 to 3 days before you move. All moving boxes should also be packed and labeled accordingly by now, with “FRAGILE” markings placed as needed. You should also have a “First Day” box packed and ready to go. The First Day box should contain games for children, tools for assembling furniture, beddings, towels, basic toiletries, and kitchen utensils that you will need on the first day of the new move. All appliance warranties and manuals should also be set aside for the new residents of your home, and you should place your most essential, classified documents in a safe box. The safe box should contain passports, wills, birth certificates, home purchase papers, and financial records: This box should be marked appropriately and set aside, for you will be the one carrying this classified box.