3 Ways to Avoid Moving Day Headaches

We often hear of stressful and occasionally disturbing stories involving a new move in the news. Cautionary tales of movers showing up several hours late, or not showing up altogether. There are also investigative cases involving fraudulent and shady fly-by-night companies that flee with a client’s belongings, leaving them penniless and bewildered. If you are concerned about such issues and more before you make your big move, then perhaps these tips can help you avoid any moving-day headaches.


When you begin looking for a moving company you should start by asking your friends and family for referrals. In fact, the province of Ontario received nearly 100 complaints from citizens regarding issues such as damaged and lost items, billing arguments, and even items being held for ransom in 2012. Simply researching the name of a moving company will not suffice in most cases. A contact number and email is an absolute must, and you should obtain three references from each company that you are considering hiring.

Next, you’ll need to obtain an estimate in person. A phone or email estimate will amount to very little, as the movers need to assess several factors, such as stairs and the number of belongings before they can provide an accurate estimate. On that note, many shady companies try to trick people with their low price deals. In reality, if it seems too good to be true, it almost always is, and moving is generally not an inexpensive process. As for the contract, the law stipulates that a moving company’s written estimate cannot exceed 10% of the original estimate, so having a signed and written copy on hand is strongly recommended. Most credible moving companies have a physical location that you can visit.  Check to see where they are located and inquire if they have a WSIB certificate so you aren’t personally responsible if any worker injuries happen while on the job

Do not be afraid to complain should something go awry. Many people are hesitant to write negative reviews, but the only way incompetent companies will learn and improve is if they obtain constructive criticism. Furthermore, in the unfortunate event that your items are held hostage during the move it is best to call the police instead of trying to take the law into your own hands; which may prove dangerous. In some less extreme cases, you can pay the movers and then directly file a complaint to the moving company afterwards.

There have been cases where the ministry has investigated fraud allegations and has laid charges under the Consumer Protection Act, so it doesn’t hurt to try. Always hire a reputable and reliable moving company such as Vital Movers.