Office Moving / Relocation Checklist

Coordinating the relocation of an entire office involves a lot of moving parts. Planning well in advance and working with a reputable moving company in Barrie area can help smooth the process along. In addition to that, this helpful checklist is the perfect guide to help you organize your thoughts… and your upcoming office move.

to-do-list-icon-buy-this-icon-for-0-48-1 As mentioned above, hiring a skilled and experienced moving company is a must. You should do this several months in advance to ensure that you’re scheduled in with them on the date that you need. They’ll also be able to help guide you through a process that can be quite overwhelming. If you need help with packing, talk to your moving company about the type of services they provide.

to-do-list-icon-buy-this-icon-for-0-48-1 Make sure your moving company has insurance to cover any mishaps that may occur during the move. The manager of your office building may need to see their proof of insurance.

to-do-list-icon-buy-this-icon-for-0-48-1 Certain pieces of office equipment require servicing by a professional technician before they can be moved. This is another item to discuss with your moving company so that you can schedule any required prep to be done in advance of your move.

to-do-list-icon-buy-this-icon-for-0-48-1 It’s important to have clear and open communication with all of your employees about the move. This way, they can plan in regards to deadlines and meetings with clients. You also need to give them ample time to pack up their desks and personal items.

to-do-list-icon-buy-this-icon-for-0-48-1 Items that are in desks and storage cabinets must be packed in boxes in order to be moved. Clearly label each box of items as you pack it so you can find things as quickly and easily as possible as you begin to unpack and organize the new space.

to-do-list-icon-buy-this-icon-for-0-48-1 Be especially communicative with your IT team. They need to know about the move well in advance so they can start organizing and planning. On moving day, ensure that all of your IT equipment is removed from the truck first so that your IT team can get to work setting everything up—putting you back in business as soon as possible.

to-do-list-icon-buy-this-icon-for-0-48-1 Remember that moving is more than just taking care of physical items. Don’t forget to forward your mail and change over any existing phone or internet services that you’ll need up and running in your new location.

to-do-list-icon-buy-this-icon-for-0-48-1 In addition to forwarding your mail, keep in mind that your address will need to be changed on printed materials such as business cards and envelopes. Have a batch of these printed up in advance.

to-do-list-icon-buy-this-icon-for-0-48-1 Walk through the new office space one week before the actual move to ensure that everything is in good condition and working properly. During your walkthrough, plan out the space so you know where to tell movers to put large furniture items. This will also give you an idea of where certain boxes should be staged before you unpack them.

to-do-list-icon-buy-this-icon-for-0-48-1 It’s important to have someone from management present on both ends of the move. If it’s going to be an all-day affair, put two different people in charge of this task. This ensures that all items are moved with care and accounted for before final payment is made.